Gelling fibre dressing for moderate to highly exuding wounds shows promising exudate management

Chronic wounds often present with excessive exudate production, which must be managed appropriately to avoid physiological and psychological effects for the patient and their wound. BIOSORBTM Gelling Fibre Dressing (Systagenix) is a soft, conformable, non-woven dressing that has shown high levels of absorbency and structural integrity, as well as being comfortable to wear and easy to remove. This article presents two case studies that demonstrate how BIOSORB Dressing works in the context of highly exuding wounds; in particular, its ability to help prevent maceration and excoriation to the surrounding skin, reduce pain and encourage an environment conducive to wound healing.


  • Liezl Naude

    Wound Management Specialist, Advanced Lower Limb & Wound Management Centre, Pretoria

  • Nicola Ivins

    Clinical Trials Manager, Wound Healing Research Clinic, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales